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Eco Friendly vs Regular cleaning supplies

Eco Friendly has become a huge thing over the past few years, they’re basically in everything. You’ll find eco friendly items almost everywhere now.  Household cleaners are a big area where eco friendly comes into play. Eco friendly cleaners generally come with a higher price tag, which may have you wondering if they are actually worth it for the price and if they can make a difference in your home and the environment.



The main terms that are going around are “green”, “eco friendly”, and “biodegradable” on cleaning products. Most people think that these products are harmless and non toxic to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency offers an eco-friendly certification called Design for the Environment or DtE. This certification does offer assurances that say you are actually purchasing an eco friendly product. Another reassuring thing to look for when buying an eco friendly product is the “Green Seal” certification. Some cleaning products don’t have either of these certifications but still are clean and effective.



The average household cleaner rely solely on chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, and ammonia to clean and kill bacteria throughout your home. These products as they do their jobs well are not good for the environment and pose risks to humans ands other living things. Eco friendly cleaners rely upon citrus-based solvents such as vinegar, essential oils, and natural abrasives to do the same job just with less harmful chemicals.



Green cleaners almost every time will come with a higher price tag just for the fact that they are “green” and that might have people wondering if they even work. When buying a green cleaning product buyers should keep in mind that since the chemicals in these environmental safe products wont be as strong as the other harsh chemicals in basic cleaning supplies so you might have to put a little bit of extra muscle into it.



If you are looking to replace your basic household cleaners for some eco friendly cleaning supplies, you can find them anywhere basically, at the bare minimum, have a good all around cleaner and a good glass cleaner to make it a little bit easier to clean things.

6 Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services



There are many different reasons to choose a professional cleaning service. Whether it’s due to a lack of time to clean it yourself, if you are physically unable to, due to old age, or simply because you just don’t like to clean there are many benefits that come with it. With having to clean your house it takes up a big chunk of time and energy which, most people want to give up.


  1. You choose the schedule you want your house cleaned on. Complete control over scheduling and frequency of cleaning. You wont be stressed out about finding time to clean your place you have a company that you can count on to get it done.


  1. Professionals will get it done right. Companies hire the best workers for the job so you can always trust that it will be done right. They always use the best products available. This saves you from having to stay stocked up on unnecessary cleaning supplies.


  1. More free time. Cleaning takes up a lot of time that you don’t want to give up. No one wants to come home after a long day of work and spend the rest of their night cleaning. They can schedule the company to come during the day or whenever and not have to worry about anything.


  1. Extra Energy.  Cleaning drains a person of their energy having to push around a vacuum and mop for a couple of hours can be hard on a person. Someone with a family and children find themselves exhausted a lot of the time so having a cleaning company saves you the hassle of over-exhausting yourself. This way you can get more rest for the important things in your life.


  1. Reduce costs. By cleaning yourself you will have to get the money to buy things like a vacuum, cleaning products, and supplies. By choosing a company you don’t need anything because the company uses their own stuff and saves you the trouble of getting all the necessary items.


  1. Results you can count on. Having professionals do the cleaning for you will provide the same consistent results of a good clean home. Your house will always have the nice clean look with a fresh smell. You wont have to worry if company or family stop by unexpectedly because your house will be looking good.